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May 20, 2008, 03:07 PM
My personal favorites- give me feedback.
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  1. nickzilla720
    Maryland Pipeline?
  2. MDSurfer
    I come up just short of calling it that to avoid all the much deserved abuse I'd be subjected to. Heavy wave though, eh?
  3. super fish
    i cant imagine paddleling through that white water to get out there...unless it was like 20 seconds hahaha
  4. MDSurfer
    Study up on wave science and you'll generally find that the biggest long periood waves generally arrive in sets of three- more true on the Pacific than on the Atlantic as a rule- but Drex and Teddy were visible proof that you could get outside, given adequate lung capacity, endurance and conditioning obviously. It also helps to be able to recognize rip currents in these conditions because all that water has to go somewhere, and in a rip it's typically too deep to break. So, three elements make it possible: conditioning; intelligence; and nerve.
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