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  1. Dude, you gotta surf with us (me and brandon) thursday-sunday. I'm thinking North of Mercers as everyone will pack around c-street and crystal
  2. its a 6'1"
  3. how long is your Green Room?
  4. what ever. all i know is my green room will do good with the rocker is has. i hope my knee wont be an asshole.
  5. I'm thinking about buying one of those "lightly used" boards from SOD's showroom at Wrightsville glassing (bye bye, 4/3 wetsuit)
  6. there was barely anyone out.
  7. it'll be crowded
  8. if you pay for my parking. and we'll go to crystal at high tide.
  9. I;m not going to crystal pier, you gotta come to stone
  10. lets go surf tomorrow. ill pick u up if u just give me a call.
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