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    "i will never be great, but it's not about me being better than YOU...it's about me being better than i was, one wave, one fall, one small triumph at a time."

    Bravo! Bravo! Perfectly put!
  2. hahahaha... well you have supporters and it looks like you'll be back in march or april. on the gruvi thing, like i said, it wasn't content.. it was response by the others. YER SCARIN' THE LOCAL RUBES!!! hahahah....hang in there man.. don't let em get ya down.
  3. Oh man.......I'm back........Wow this is a banner day, dude. I'm back on Swellinfo and I just got in touch with a long lost Californian friend. I used to live in Newbury Park...ha did that make me a VAL ??? Jesus do you know where I started riding white water? Fricking Port Hueneme....ain't that some ghetto localized place.....well Zuma was the first but somehow I ended up going to the Port Hueneme Pier. Yeah thanks for the info on the Gruvi comparisions...I just didn't get the comparision. Hmmm ****phobes, you might have just given me a new angle.....HAHA Oh I'm not insane I just was playing with my critics. I don't get bothered by people on a computer...well that Ihatelongboarder guy was so stupid, he got me heated a few times......Plus man, I'm ashamed at some of these people from New Jersey.

    Oh I got booted because I posted something to Ihatelongboarders and it got deleted and I got an infraction.....so, I posted it right back up.....and got a more "serious" infraction.
  4. btw.....his early stuff made many think he was hitting on local surfers because he was offering pizza and beer to anyone who would hang out with him and show him how to surf. the ****phobic went ballistic
  5. brother, you missed MY point.... it's how THEY all responded to him....confused, hostile, angry, demanding his ouster like NO one before ..and no one since...until you. when others compare you to gruvi, it's not content...it's their gut feeling of confusion and suspicion that triggers their response. they see no difference....i do. his blatherings were nothing like yours. their reaction, however was quite similar. hope that clarifies things.
  6. Dude, you seem like a knowlegable, intelligent person. Now, don't get me wrong here. I am in no way in a competition.....don't have ego issues.....shoot I'm not really even trying to be funny on here. My "outrages" and "crazy" reactions were just playing around. I like to see how people react to things.

    But I am completely confused. I just looked up Gruvi "Working off the kook status," and I Must be missing something. Gruvi just talks about being on Assatauge Island, where he hangs out, and paddling out in head high surf. Nothing comedic, controversial, or out-there-crazy. All these people are getting all excited about the most ho-hum, normal, everyday conversational piece. Some people are even getting angry at Gruvi......for what I have no idea. I do not get why people compare me to him nor why he was considered a character. I mean I really don't get it.

    Again let me emphasize I am not having ego or self esteem issues, I'm just completely baffled.
  7. Hey man thanks for the psoitive feedback. I appreciate it in the midst of all the haters. Did, I just use the word, "haters?" I guess I did. Anyways, thanks.
  8. as often as i can....
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    well done on the shutdown posts!
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