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About Norm the 4th
Virginia Beach/OBX
Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
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Long Board
Wii, Baseball, College basketball, Surfing, Golfing, SportsCenter Veterans Protect a Fallen Soldier'
Community Development Manager
I like boardgames and I can beat you at Scrabble. I can never remember what I am supposed to be doing but I can recall the exact number of people I rescued when I was on the Beach Patrol. I wanted to be the President when I was a kid. Now I wouldn't be President for a day even if you offered me a million dollars. I tap my heel against the ground uncontrollably when I'm nervous. I like Legos. A lot. Especially Star Wars Legos. I like to say the words "stoked" and "for sure" - and not just because I surf. I like to drive but I hate traffic. So much so that I will change my driving plan to avoid red lights and drawbridges. I like sleeping under all the covers in the freezing cold. I wish that for one day out of each week I could live in a TV show or a movie (of my choosing). And no, not porn. I like to be metaphorical and sarcastic in the same conversation. You might not get me until you can discern the difference. I am a fan of anyone who can make a logical argument, no matter what their point-of-view, as long as they aren't a Yankee fan. Those people are just off. I like to drive with the windows down just enough that it blows my hair but not so much that I can't hear my music. If I had to be a part of only one "group" forever, it would be the Justice League. If we're in the car together and you don't honk when appropriate, I will reach over and do it for you. You're welcome. No need to thank me, really.


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