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    I have special powers EROCK.....No I'm not a comic book kind of guy. I just have like a sixth sense about things. You are ok, Erock. Don't let anybody tell you different.

    You are a white southern protestant. I am an Irish, Catholic drunk from the North East, but you are cool in my book. I usually get drunk and go shoot at Brits but I wouldn't shoot you, Erock. I mean that. I would never shoot you, Erock.

    Erock don't get down about some points man......I, back in SJB days, got 9 points, two warnings and four bannings(2 days to eternity). Yo, I was posting on pictures, which apparently you can still do when you are banned. When you get banned you still come on here as your identity. You just can't post on the boards or visitor messages. So, yesterday I come on to talk to Dirty Mother and........Boom. I'm not SJB anymore........I'm just a guest. I don't know what happened. So I just registered again. I feel like I'm being set up or something.....

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    You can find SJB on a few pictures of me, my first stoke picture and the one of me in my house on a 6'6 skate board. He and I have developed a friendship there. He is NOT Sloop John B....I already checked.

    And just in case we lose you.....I'm sending you a private message with my email addy.....if anything happens here, send me an email and I will make sure we all get to met up elsewhere. I have a private international surf group on FB.....it's called MagicFaceWeed (we are people who met on MSW and got tired of their **** so we made our own group).
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    SJB told me to send you his love.
  4. Hey Erock,

    They are threatening to ban me once again. I got a warning. To their credit I sent them a PM asking that they inform me if I'm "out-of-line." Well they did, and I appreciate that. They basically said that my posts are not "bad" but I hijack the threads??

    Anyway I guess I'm either a non-factor here or I'll get banned. I just wanted to tell you that you are A-OK, in my book. You are a credit to the surfing community. I appreciated your comments and it does restore my faith in humanity - people like you. Because I HATE modern society....Carry on my good man. I'll miss your intelligence.

  5. Erock, as you know I am a ghost currently, but.........

    At the end of my drugging, I was in a real rut. I drove some chick to the ghetto every morning at 9:00am. I sniffed two bags of dope and smoked one $ 5.00 rock. Then I'd drink vodka and hope for people to call who needed a ride. I was miserable, Erock. Two bags weren't doing anything for me but keeping me well. And I never touched needles...YUCK !! So one night I had lots of cheap-arse vodka. Passed out on my couch...

    At 3:00 am I awoke to an evil....really evil..... voice telling me to "GET OUT....GET OUT." You know that saying,"Paralyzed with fear?" Well, I understood the meaning of that when that happened. Plus I've always had this feeling about a section of my house.....just this feeling. Now, was that just my mind on drugs......or did mind altering substances open me up to the supernatural? I don't know.....
  6. Hey Erock, I'm sorry to bother you again. But, ya know, you're like the intellectual guru around here.

    Do you believe in ghosts? Or should I say, do ghosts exist?
  7. Erock,

    Are we going to France or not? How about Hawaii? We can drink beer, smoke ice and rob tourists.

    Erock, I hope you have been proofreading my posts. Someone has to do it. Erock you are a smart dude. I mean that. What is wrong with so many people on here. I've been on websites with meth-heads from Kansas that are less dilusional and confused than people on this here site.

    Don't worry Erock, I'm not planning on being on this site too much longer. I know..."Good." You have a nice evening.
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