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About Sam Levine
Southern New England
Branford, Connecticut, United States
Type of surfer:
Short Board
Traveling, Cuddling, Hugging, Pac Sun, Hiking, Bridge, Lots Bridge, Skateboarding, Surfing, Snowboar
{slipping away by trust company}You said hold onBut I feel like I'm slipping awayYou said hold onBut it feels like I'm slipping awayAnd I'm standing here aloneCan't tell if I'm awakeAnd it feels like i'm slipping awayReality is goneIn a dream I will escapeAnd it feels like i'm slipping away {change by crazy town} I wanna run but if I run I'm only running form myself Would it be easier if I were someone else I'm like a child playin' with matches that's never beeen burned Relearning all the lessons that I've already learned On a highway to a destinatin I've earned So many exits, but I've never bothered to turn I'm like a piece of shard glass laying on a frame of a window That was broken by the bricks of pain Sometimes I feel just like the devil's guinea pig He's watching me just to see how deep I can dig I admit I'm ****ed up and got a lot to learn So now I'm dancing in the ashes of the bridge I've burned {waste of my time by crazy town}She was My Heart, my soul, my girl, my life I want that ****, I'll make that sacrifice. you know I know, you know What's on my mind I like the sex but where just wastin' time no replay's, like Shifty please stay sick of breakin' up every other week day and we cant seem to see, eye to eye you even yell when I try to get high and I cant keep you, your evil and all my friends think that I should leave you it's a stand still that I try to see through but your actin' like a ***** so I got to leave you


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