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  1. Big Swell coming + hot girls = BALI TIME

    The high season is in full swing and the beaches are bursting at the seams with lovely ladies and to make it even better a Big Swell arriving on Saturday. What more do you want? By the way check that...
  2. Golden Girls and Bali Barrels - Bali Goddesses

    F_CK Dude, look at this PICS, this girls in Bali... Look at that thing with a golden skin color... OMG!!! What are this GIRLS... I want go so bad!!!!! PHOTOS
  3. Girls Bottom Turn or Front Side attack?

    Hey guys, another selection of pictures from Indo start of the season, i can not decide if i prefer the front side of the beautiful Indo girl or the perfect **** of the blond babe. What would you...
  4. Bali Goddesses - Our mission never fails

    April 15th, it's the middle of the month, and guess what? Yes our mission never fails. Even in a month of heavy rain and only a few
    beach days we managed to find enough hotties for another edition...
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    Bali : Waves or Girl..?

    I've been living in Bali for a while and I keep seeing the same scenario, people coming to surf and loosing their mind at the night clubs. It's not hard when you see the Euro babes in the sun. Well...
  6. Quiksilver NY instead of G-LAND INDONESIA?

    I just saw an article that made me think why a big and renamed company would choose NY to do their contest. So a buddy have just sent me a Link From this Indo website saying that "they" picked NY...
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