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    Need room 4 rent near Oceanside

    Hello, I'm looking for a room for rent in the Oceanside area. I'm a 31 year old attorney. Quiet and respectful. Non smoker, No drugs, I rarely even drink. That said I'm not boring, I lead a very...
  2. thanks, so I assume the coaster is some type of...

    thanks, so I assume the coaster is some type of transportation that goes up and down the coast and lets you take a board on?
  3. worth $ to get place on beach or save $ more inland?

    Hello, I'm going to be in southern CA for April and May and I've been looking at some rentals. I like the idea of being able to walk to the beach but I'm afraid after a couple weeks of surfing every...
  4. what's "DMCO"? Thanks tonylamont that helps. ...

    what's "DMCO"?

    Thanks tonylamont that helps. Yeah, I had a wetsuit for triathlons and I still couldn't handle cold water but then again I had to put my face underwater for that...
  5. Best Mellow Place for a Beginner into Intermediate

    For April -May 15th I can live anywhere and I want to take up surfing. What would you guys recommend considering the following:

    1. I'll be able to surf every day so I really want to minimize the...
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