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  1. Thule Hull-A-Port J-Style Rooftop Kayak Carrier

    I have thule 834 kayak carrier for sale. New it is $135.00. Never used $100.00. I live in Satellite Beach. Thanks.
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    Land Board / With Sail

    I have a landboard with a sail mast and boom. This is a board to ride on the beach, grass, or pavement. Total cost to me was over $500.00. Will sell for $250.00. Two piece mast is easy to transport....
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    Ricky Carroll Surfboards for Sale

    I have two RC surfboards for sale. One is 7'0" and one is 8'0". They are epoxy resin and in new condition. The photo is the 7'0". The 8'0" is the same basic shape just longer. Both are like new. I...
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