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    Try the Longboard House

    It'd be worth calling the Longboard House ( I believe they used to rent (at least several years back they did).

    In any case, the...
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    recipe for disaster...

    It's not often I have much to say...but in response to an earlier thread along the lines of \"swimming to the surface as quickly as possible\"...that can be a recipe for disaster.

    It's not...
  3. Actually, the Rip Curl 7 mil Classic bootie, is...

    Actually, the Rip Curl 7 mil Classic bootie, is the version I've been using for the last 3 years (and might actually be what I resort to using again).

    It's "adequate" but not terms of...
  4. For gloves, I'll continue to go w/ Xcel.

    I've got a pair of the Xcel Infiniti 7 mil mits...and 3 seasons w/ them and they are still as toasty and water "phobic" as new (and I can't say that about many of my other wetsuit products that have...
  5. Definately a poorly constructed pair...

    When I was in the ocean, as soon as my foot hit the water, it was an immediate cold flooding (even the "entry level" H20 boots I started w/ years ago, staved off the cold better...things seeped in,...
  6. PSA - hope you have better luck w/ F-bomb bootie

    Well, after being enthused at the fact that my size 14 foot, fit into size 13 Rip Curl, Round Toe, 7 mil, $70 booties...I figured I'd pass along my experience w/ it today as a Public Service...
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    found something...

    I figured, for what it's worth, I'd post what seems like it will have to do for this season.

    I picked up some Rip Curl F-Bomb, 7 mil, round toe booties, size 13.

    They seem just about right,...
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    So nobody on here has big feet? Any...

    So nobody on here has big feet?

    Any suggestions as to a brand of scuba bootie that has a flexible enough sole, w/ appropriate traction pattern in size 14?
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    Suggestions for a size 14 surf bootie?

    Just wondering what my fellow big-footed surfers, have found to work as a comfortable bootie to surf in.

    There does not seem to be any wetsuit manufacturer that makes a surf oriented...
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