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  1. San Diego comes to the East Coast: Distinct Junction

    This is a cool new clothing line based out of San Diego. I have a few shirts and really like them; super soft and comfortable with a simple, yet appealing,...
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    new york surf pics

    where are all the rockaway and long beach photographers posting their pictures? i seen you taking the pics... but not the pics. WHERE YOUR PICS AT?
  3. wetsuit: HYPERFLEX VS. others (need advice)

    my friends been looking for a new winter suit. he's wants the best for the least. i tell him how sick my 5/4 infinity drylock is but he doesnt want to spend that much. he found a "Hyperflex Wetsuits...
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    man, that morning was so sick. low tide (at long...

    man, that morning was so sick. low tide (at long beach) was right around sunrise so had the incomming push all morning. light offshore early then picked up a bit. clear day, and not crowded at...
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    broken face

    it was 4ft and wayy too choppy.. washer machines status.. cold, windy, cloudy, early spring afternoon. no one else was out in the water. my boots were too big and bloated with water. i took a wave...
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