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    Buy a Go Pro, from Costco. Get the extras on line from China.
    Attach the big yellow float to the camera, they sink like a rock.
    Get your ego shots. Yes, I have one, lost one at Witches Rock, CR,...
  2. Assateague

    I haven't surfed north Assateaque in years, since the 80's.
    It was by far one of the best wave in the Del Mar Va area when there is a hurricane swell.
    A perfect aframe left off the jetty. Goofy...
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    Went to Iguana's first week of November 2013. Was...

    Went to Iguana's first week of November 2013. Was told by management, not to bother due to weather concerns.
    Just looking out for us, but we were booked and going. A week of perfect weather,...
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    Before you leave, decided what type of skill...

    Before you leave, decided what type of skill level you and your son have.
    Do not waste the money going to Witches Rock or Ollies, just go to Playa Colorado's, Nica... instead.
    Tamarindo is a great...
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    I have travel to CR several times, the best service I got with a rental company was Target Car Rental. Easy to work with, just down the road from the Holiday Inn by the airport.
    Just remember,...
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    Start taking lesson now, SUP and surfing are not...

    Start taking lesson now, SUP and surfing are not quite the same. The lakes have some decent breaks, buy a Costco long board, good way to start, and paddle, paddle and paddle some more. The first time...
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    Want A Be

    Everyone wants to be a surfer, but they just, do not want to get wet.
    Surfer body, hell I am 6ft and 225lbs, 54 years old and just got back from hitting Ollies Point.
    Want to feel the burn, surf ...
  8. Jaco for first timers

    If you are flying into San Jose, and you have a limited time, Jaco is your best choice. Jaco is a good learning spot for her and over the hill is Hermosa, if you have good skills.
    Jaco breaks with...
  9. Pr

    PR is a great place year round, but the surf will be limited in August. If you are open to suggestion, I would recommend Costa Rica, very good surf that time of year. Great people and a perfect...
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