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  1. Correct link to Custom X board

  2. Correct Link to 9'1" bonga

    Sorry about that, here is the link to the board

  3. I just listed it on Craigs List about 30 mins...

    I just listed it on Craigs List about 30 mins ago, so it may take some time for it to come up on the site....
  4. 42.25" Custom X bodyboard for sale like new

    Special ordered this Custom X board. It was fabricated by P.M.A. and has only been ridden twice. (just took up longboarding) You get a Custom X board bag and leash with the board, asking $225.00
  5. 9'1" southpoint Bonga Perkins MII for Sale

    Bought this board last year, if you have any interest its posted on Craigslist.


    thanks for looking
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