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    u havent been hittin up Pitstops? ****'s been...

    u havent been hittin up Pitstops? ****'s been goin off...
  2. i hear there's this spot on long island called...

    i hear there's this spot on long island called PITSTOPS and it supposedly goes off daily. u've gotta b "IN THE KNOW" thoz...and it's well protected by just one dude. so b prepared 2 go to war if u...
  3. scored another sick evenin post-work sessh pitstops baby!

    total glass waist-titty high no one out like usual. best spot in town. allz i can say iz it's past southampton, not givin away anymore than that! this spot iz a MAGNET for any swell, huge...
  4. Just got back from another sick evening sessh @ PITSTOPS, long island!

    total glass complete barrell fest solo session! THANKYOU GOD 4 this spot!
  5. just scored again 2nite east end secret spot

    3-4ft nugz clean az a thistle! water's coolin down a little. solo session. i hope no one ever findz this spot!
  6. just entered the Bunger Comp for Sept 28th

    takin this thing home i've been training non-stop 24hrs/day. bringin my 10' gun. don't even bother tryin 2 compete with me, u'll lose.
  7. scored NY again this mornin dawn patrol session

    waist-chest high total glass 6am session. solo session at PITSTOPS. god i luv this place!
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    just scored head high barrels in NY

    incredible sesssion. secret spot was firin!
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    great for regulating the lineup and the surf population. enjoy
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