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    Poll: Straights vs coast

    Anyone care to debate which is better? I have only surfed the coast. I stopped by a few spots near Port Angeles, a couple of times, but there was nothing ridable.
    Now I have relocated to the...
  2. Thread: Surfing the NW

    by Sigwulf

    Wind is the whiskey to my **** out here. If ther...

    Wind is the whiskey to my **** out here. If ther is no wind, for a few days it can clean up to paddlable thirty+. It is rare but it is what we live and train for. I surfthemon wikis boards only, it...
  3. Local discount for custom hollow wood surfboards

    Anyone who would like to discuss their ultimate board, please email me and feel free to post here.
    We have many styles and artistic option available.
    Look forward to discussing designs.
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