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  1. Classic east coast summer beach break shenanigans with Sam Roberts

    With Sam Roberts in town to play at the Sidney Crosby / NHL Stanley Cup celebration and Matt Mays in for the Canoe '09 Sprint Kayak races it was too good of an opportunity to try and get these...
  2. Canadian Winter surf with Shaun Majumder from SurfDonkey

    Shaun Majumder, Canadian comic and actor extraordinaire, joined the SurfDonkey crew for some chilly surf sessions awhile back. We get into the finer points of warming your wetsuit in winter surf and...
  3. Rip Curl H-Bomb Wetsuit Review from SurfDonkey (Ep11)

    Yes! We scored a Rip Curl H Bomb wetsuit to demo. For those that don’t know, this is Rip Curl’s battery operated wetsuit that features heat coils integrated into the back panel of the suit. The...
  4. -15 degree winter surfing from SurfDonkey Ep10 "Sub Zero"

    Hitting it big time with episode 10 from SurfDonkey ( The doc says a few more weeks out of the water so we bring you an pre-surgery epic sub zero barrel session from the deep...
  5. You're welcome. As you can see it's is somewhat...

    You're welcome. As you can see it's is somewhat preventable but it prob will get worse as most ppl just want to get out and surf.

    Hope it goes better than Lance :).


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    We’re back with an all info episode about “surfer’s ear”. If you’ve heard about it, have it or wondering about it; this could be “the” resource to look to. We have the SurfDonkey crew at a post-op...
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    SurfDonkey Ep8 Happy New (surfer's) Ear

    We are back after a brief hiatus and doing some reorganization. Yes we did say ear not year. Lance went in for surgery to fix a chronic case of sufers’s ear. Say what? We shall see if he can hear...
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    SurfDonkey Ep7 Santa Donkey

    As promised a mini holiday episode from your friendly neighborhood donks.

    Merry christmas and happy holidays! Look out for Hoho dropping in on you in the new year.

    Gear store now open too!
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    New SurfDonkey ep up - Pure Pornage

    Hey everyone,

    here we go again and its a big ole surf porn episode some wipeouts and the answer to last episode's cliff hanger.

    A great day for the fall. Warm air, water and awesome swell.
  10. New SurfDonkey episode up! Alaia footage...

    Hey everyone,

    Have a boo, drop up a comment and enjoy!

    After a big dump…of snow we thought we would turn on the way back machine to the peak of summer. We had South Cali surfer Christian Wach...
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    If you liked the first few eps well here we go again.

    Yes we came through on the rumors. The swell sucked but we have Tom Curren on dryland hangin out in the store talking about random surf stuff....
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    Will keep the eye out for it.

    Great site, keep it up.

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    new East Coast Canada surfing web-show

    Hey everyone,

    have a look, drop us a comment and let us know what you think. We're in Nova Scotia Canada.


    The Donks
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