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    Surfing Punta Cana

    Heading to Punta Cana tomorrow for a family vacation. Wasn't expecting to bring a board or anything, but it looks like there has been some hype for a big Caribbean swell this weekend. If anyone...
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    Mentawai Boat Trip Suggestions!

    Thinking about saving up and booking an Indonesia boat trip this summer with a few close friends. Still in early stages of planning and just exploring some ideas/logistics. There are a lot...
  3. Yeah maybe I can rent something once I'm down...

    Yeah maybe I can rent something once I'm down there. Not sure if its worth actually buying something since I'm only there 4 months. Appreciate it you guys, pretty much committed to OZ at this point....
  4. Ok cool thanks. Seems like Auckland gets more...

    Ok cool thanks. Seems like Auckland gets more longer period Southern Hemi swells tho? Though Sydney area seems pretty consistent just a bit crowded in the central area.
  5. Study Abroad Australia Vs. New Zealand (which has better surf)

    Hey guys,
    I'm studying abroad in the Spring (feb-june) at either the University of Sydney or the University of Auckland. Both have huge positives for me, and it seems both have a lot of surfing...
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    Totally. Love his stuff, every east coast surfer...

    Totally. Love his stuff, every east coast surfer that wants to learn a thing or two about how tropical systems actually work should check out this kids blog. And yeah, Andrea was a similar setup to...
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    Long Island Forecast

    I think its going to be a pretty solid swell. Euro model has been calling this system for days, and it seems to be pretty dead on. Right now it looks like the west end of the system will clip long...
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    Waves Sunday LI?

    Hey guys. Due to roads being closed in LI, I wasnt able to make it for a surf today. You guys think there will be anything left tomorrow morning. I know the winds have been blowing hard offshore...
  9. Nope. I was looking under the S facing.

    Nope. I was looking under the S facing.
  10. Why are West Winds offshore for RI South facing breaks?

    Dear Swellinfo,
    I have recently noticed that west (20+ knots) winds now show up as offshore for Rhode Island south facing breaks. W winds blow offshore for E facing RI breaks but not Southerly...
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    Surf in Long Island sound

    I saw some surfer mag photo of this dude getting an insane empty barrel in the Long Island sound. Must have been some point within the last few days. Anyone else have experiences scoring in the Long...
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