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  1. Shaping Bay for Rent - UnderToe Glassing - Jackson, NJ

    We are renting out our shaping bay at UnderToe Glassing - located in Jackson, NJ ( Please email me at for more details.

    Thanks! B

  2. Laminator and Sander Wanted - UnderToe Glassing

    UnderToe Glassing is looking to hire Experienced help for the following positions:

    - Laminator - Full Time
    - Sander - Part Time
    - Fin Guy/Gal - Part Time

    UnderToe Glassing...
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    Hi guys... i am doing a fundraiser for the...

    Hi guys... i am doing a fundraiser for the coastal areas... you can check out the details at A $20 donation puts your name in the hat to win a free custom surfboard. ...
  4. The $20 Surfboard - Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy Victims


    Donate $20 (100% of the monies will be donated to Red Cross and W4W) and you are entered to win a free custom surrboard or skimboard.. Details at
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    Still searching this morning

    Was out at 6 am this morning in Squan for surf and the Coast Guard Heli was going up and down and in and out of the inlet... we thought he was doing a training session with all the drastic...
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