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  1. The scariest / most frightening surf spot you EVER surfed ???

    Well, was just thinking about it.

    Which was the spot that really scared me ?

    and i DONT necessarily mean scary judging the wavesize. could be scary/eery atmosphere, gross marine life or other...
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    That doesnt sound to bad. I guess the hard part...

    That doesnt sound to bad. I guess the hard part is the guessing "how many days in average are surfable per week" in the summertime !

    As i understand it, and if i interprete the pics right,...
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    How Flat is Summer in East Florida ?

    Hey there..i am currently living in Germany, and really love to surf, but unfortunately there is no ocean here in germany where i live.
    i used to surf in france in the summer, and i am an...
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