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  1. Need some quick survey responses for college research project-THANKS!

    I've had a great response but could use some answers from the Hawaiian Islanders! PLEEEEAAASE Help me out and answer a few quick questions about surfing and surf culture for a college research paper....
  2. Thanks for completing my survey!

    The people on this board have been great! I've gotten useful, thoughtful, data! Thanks so much and keep it coming!
  3. Please help--for my college project-quick surfing survey

    Hi everyone-<br />I posted this a few days ago, but I hope I can get some more responses. I'm doing a college project on surfing and surfing youth culture. I'd appreciate it if any surfers out...
  4. Quick surfing survey for college, please help!

    Hey, could you please take a couple of minutes to respond to my quick survey on surfing and surfing culture. I need data for a college paper. Thank you! Here's the link.......
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