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  1. surf

    i agree, it was an awesome day with good weather. i'm thankful for a job that lets me get off when there are waves.

    we don't get too many days like that too. last couple of times i've driven down...
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    havanasand, thanks for the info. this past summer...

    havanasand, thanks for the info. this past summer there were about 3 weekends in a row where i got some waist high sloppy waves but other than that its not too good down here.

    but, if it ever does...
  3. Anyone surf south end of WB 11/10 in the AM?

    We the south end of WB yesterday, super fun waves. About 30 min later someone turned the wave machine switch and it went flat.

    So I left and of course my buddy who stayed behind said as soon as I...
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    Best swells for Sunset Beach NC

    I use to live in Wilmington and surfed WB a lot but we moved further south for a new job. I live 5 minutes from either OIB or SB but can't seem to figure out the best time for waves. Sometimes it can...
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