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    Hardcore Chillers Unite!

    To all the Hardcore Chillers,

    Not sure what the word on the street is, but how does people feel about just going out on your own and surfing in winter with no one around, people fine with that or do they prefer going with a buddy or scouting out places that are not totally isolated.
    As someone who has only been in it for 6 months, the thought of going on my own with no one around in winter, well, I can't decide, is it normal or should you at least make sure others are around just in case.

    Was thinking of setting up a group where random chillers in the Monmouth NJ area who prefer surfing with others could get talking and arrange meet ups to surf? Might get to meet cool new people, and hopefully just have a good time as opposed to doing it solo. I got a few surfer buddies but with all our different schedules going down, finding a person who can make that Monday morning session for example, is hard.

    What do you all think?

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    I think it's a good idea. Here in vb if there are any waves at all its hard to not see a couple people around in the good spots haha. I'll have to admit I get a little sketched out when no one is close by and I think something about the cold and gloominess play with you mentally... but maybe that's just me.

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    i'm good either way but pay close attention to your body. One of the bad things with hypothermia is that you lose judgment so if you are out alone you could be in bad trouble.

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    If you're just getting into winter surfing tag along with some people for the first few sessions, noticing the small things they do to save time changing in/out of their suit.

    I usually get out when my feet are so cold that my surfing is actually comprimised, but i think thats just because i have bad circulation in my feet as the rest of me is usually fine. Its a personal thing to know when to get out.

    Oh and also try and limit your number of duckdives/wipeouts.

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    yeah, 1 friend is always good to have with you. someone to talk to at least. but if you're gonna charge it alone DEFINITLY just tell someone where you are and tell them you'll call when you get out so at least they're thinking about you. isolation can be nice when the conditions are mellow and the weather isn't too harsh, but experts use the buddy system in all sorts of dangerous professional fields for a reason.

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    in the winter time, in heavy waves, no doubt its a good idea to have a buddy nearby... sometimes, simple things like cramps can be kind of scary in the winter when its thumping.

    cheers to the heavers today in jersey. I'm still rehabbing the shoulder, but it was definitely pumping. Shot some photos, I"ll post later.

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    I surf small days ( like waist to chest) alone all the time. Shoulder and up I prefer to have a friend there or I will tag along within eyesight of a stranger. Today was sooo good!

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    I am also part of the Hardcore chillers surf team. Our group is made up of three (sometime four if his wife lets him out) hardcore chiller surfers who have just started in the last 6 months but have progressed pretty well. We mainly surf in the monmouth county (asbury/ dea) area. We are in our mid to late 20's and enjoy anything active (kayaking, skiing, mt. biking, cycling, etc.). I am trying to get into pond ice hockey this winter too. We are always looking to meet new cool people with good hearts that like to chill (hence...hardcore chillers). Let us know if your down for the cause in joing the hardcore chillers surf team.

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    honestly that is half the reason i dont go out or go to a different spot. i havent surfed my home break in probably 3 months because my buddy who i have always surfed with moved to malibu (bastard! ). instead i go to a more crowded break (crowded for winter lol) so i am not alone for a mile in both directions hah. safety first!

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    Today was my third day in cold water... first day with real surf. I went out solo. Every time I've been out it's been solo [maybe an occasional beach comber]. I dunno, I hike trails I've never seen before solo too. I kind of dig solitude. In my opinion it's about knowing your limits. I'm kind of a risk taker, but I understand that too much of a risk might mean that I can't take a risk tomorrow. When I got out today I tried to talk to someone who was checking out the surf and my speech was slurred. Haha kind of freaked me out a bit, I was definitely a bit hypothermic. But I'll be out again tomorrow if it's lookin good! I drove 2.5 hours to get to the shore, I'm not wasting a second of it!