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Thread: surftech boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    Wow Who know you were gonna say that with a IP adress like this

    The IP Address is:
    The host name is: mail.surftech.com
    I saw that post - just figured I'd let it go. Ha Ha - that was a good one !

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    Quote Originally Posted by kona View Post
    Surftech boards work insane! I've had several over the past 8 years and everyone worked very well. You just need to get one with the right dimensions for you and surf it a few times in varying conditions to get used to it. The first one I had was a used 6'2" JC NX-1. It was a little floaty for me but worked pretty well once I got used to it. Contrary to one of the posts above, the re-sale on it was killer. I sold it for $50 less than what I paid for it a year earlier. If it was a poly board A) it wouldn't have lasted a year without being buckled and B) would've sold for about half what I paid for it.
    Now I'm on one of the new ULTRAFLX boards (5'10" SK8R) and the thing goes insane in anything slightly overhead and below. Just got it last week so we'll see how it holds up compared to the Tuflite boards.
    Best case would be to go to a shop and see if they have a demo board for you to test drive...
    There's a PM in your In-box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koki Barrels View Post
    I hate Tuf-Lite, at least on a shortboard, I've heard it's not so bad on a longer board.
    I've heard the exact opposite.

    Yeah, tuf-lite/surftech on a shortboard can be okay. Besides the extra float and preformance differences. They can really suck in strong offshores and any kind of chop/texture.
    But, that is only amplified in a longboard. You generally want a longboard to be on the heavy side. And, with more flex to absorb the warbles.

    In addition to what's listed above, a lot of objections are just on principle.