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    O'neill Psycho II 4/3

    Having troubles with a buyer on ebay and it looks like this suit will be up for sale again in 7 days.

    Brand New Condition O'neill Psycho II 4/3 Back Zip, Size Medium, no hood. This suit has a great system to prevent flushing.

    I wore this suit once for aprox 1 hour. I gained weight since I purchased it (2-3 months ago, maybe 4 months can't really remember the exact date) and because I had removed the tags I could not return it so I figured I'd try it in the water and see how it was. It's just a little too tight for me to be comfortable with. So I'm selling it, again.

    Honestly if I still had the tags and didn't tell you I wore it you wouldn't know, it still has the factory "wrinkles" in it and that "new wetsuit smell". But I rather be up front and honest and tell you that I wore it once. I've found the same suit online ranging from $399.00 to $429.00.

    PM me if you're interested.
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    Insert size here _________.

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    LOL, that would help huh. Size Medium.

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    where are you located and what are you trying to get $$$ wise

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    O'neill psycho II 4/3

    I'll be listing it for $300 (Again!!!!)

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    where are u located...