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I was surfing in deal nj maybe 4 years ago when sewage ran off into the ocean from asbury mixing in with th red tide what ever that is , any way me and my 3 friends were surfing in wetsuits having fun then a police officer whistled us out if the water bc of the sewage and I remember how warm certain spots of the water were, I guess from fresh poopoo.. moral of the story is we all got fevers for 2 days, but it was worth the sh!t covered barrel I got, which sadly most surfers don't get to experience.
this was around june of 2007, correct? if so, this is the same incident that resulted in a 6 month + battle w/ a massive e.coli infection that nearly killed me. i was surfing seaside w/ a cut on the top of my foot...the bacteria got into my blood stream & wouldn't leave. 2 hospitalizations, 2 courses of major antibiotics, & about a million blood tests later, i was finally declared infection free.