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    Don't buy a funboard if you're gonna be surfing a lot. I started off surfing in August of 08 on my friends foam board 3-4 days, then I borrowed his shortboard which had a good amount of volume on it. As the summer ended I bought a standard shortboard and didn't feel confortable on it. I bought a 7S fish (crappy board but cheap) for Christmas and definitely surfed better on that thing. It wasn't until maybe the next spring I wanted to develop my shortboarding again. This time I felt much more confortable on my shortboard. If I were you I would get somewhere between a 6"2-6"4 fish or hybrid with a good amount of volume (width and thickness; at least 19 inches wide and 2 3/8 inches thick.

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    i've got a 7'0 WRV funfish and it's the best board i have(all around). It's ridable in any conditions and can catch a wave like a longboard, while being able to do turns and carves. grant your not going to blow the tail on a 2 ft. day with it, but you'll be able to cruise and get mass amounts of stoke from a very small wave up to head high days. I've got my share of shortboards, but i try not to bring them out unless the day undoubtedly calls for a shredplank.

    if you love just being in the water and catching some fun waves, then it's def. a good choice
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    Due to your size and ability (just getting started) I would recommend a board in the 8' range 22" to 23" wide and no thinner than 3". The extra float will pay off. If you get comfortable on that board you can always get a shorter stick but building solid basic skills will be easier on the longer board. The problem is finding a good used board this size. IMO 8' boards are in sort of no mans land. Their not short boards and not true long boards. An 8.0 fish would also work.

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    What he said above.
    I was about your size when I started on a 8'2" funboard.
    After 1 year got a 7' then worked my way down.
    Save some loot though for wetsuit and paraphenalia.

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    i got a 7'4" WRV funboard ill sell you for 300 its in good condition

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    I best thing you can do before you jump the gun and buy a board that may not be to you skill level is to go to the Local surfshop and talk to someone in there staff. Be honest on your skill level and what you wanna do and they will set you in the right direction

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    You are just about my size. The only advice I can give is don't get a fish longer than 6'2". A full outlined fish at 6'2" is a big board and will float and catch any wave there is. It won't be the best in Ocean City when it's giant or a super low tide, but at a mid to high tide and a fun waist to chest high day it will be great. In the summer it will catch every wave a longboard will (just about a second later) and it will give you a chance to improve your turns. I ride mostly fish (twin keel) and a full outlined fishy shortboard tri fin and it's all I need to surf 99 % of the days around here. When It's too big for either of these 2 styled boards I don't want to surf anyhow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    I best thing you can do before you jump the gun and buy a board that may not be to you skill level is to go to the Local surfshop and talk to someone in there staff. Be honest on your skill level and what you wanna do and they will set you in the right direction
    Go to your local shop and be honest about what you want and your skill level. I would get a used board first just to make sure it is something you like and that your going to stick with. I am not suggesting these boards, but these will give you an idea of what to look for based on what you stated in your first post. Based on your size I would get a board with some beef. A rough estimate for you would be 7'6 -22- 3 ish. The boards I listed below are beginner to intermediate boards that imo would be good starters, but go to the shops and talk to the guys there. They could help you better than anyone on the internet can, but I would google those boards below just to give you an idea at what to look for.

    kechele pug performer
    wrv soap bar
    wrv fun fish

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    There's a 7'5" Kechle funshape on craigslist in the same area as that gun you were looking at. It would be a much better choice as a starter board than the one you're looking at.

    Whatever style you choose, as many have mentioned err on the side of "extra" volume and you'll have a lot more fun.

    The thing I remember the most about when I first learned how to surf, is how difficult it was to actually catch waves. The more waves you can catch, the faster you'll learn the basics. A bigger board will make it easier to catch waves.

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    you nvr said if u ultimately want to longboard or shortboard.. dont buy a log or even a funshape if you want to ride potato chips in a year. oversized shortboard if thats your ultimate goal, wide nose, low rocker all around, wide swallow tail, fish design if you want, but if you want to shortboard in the future DONT get a log not only will you have to sell it but you will ahve to re-learn how to surf