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Thread: Go Pro Camera

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    Go Pro Camera

    just wanted to see what people thought about go pro footage.

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    The worst thing to hit surfing since webbed gloves...

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    i want one to mess around with
    for the price i think its defiantly worth it.

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    Think Darkfin webbed gloves are pretty sweet. Never used them but they look alright.

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    very unreliable, and breaks. BUT gets some sick footy

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    They are fun for fooling around and making funny surf videos of myself and friends. You can get some great still shots by going frame by frame as a wave barrels over you. Even if you were crushed a second later in real time it is really wild to get a picture of the wave curling over your head. Also I have so few pictures or video of me surfing it's the only way for me to get a view of what I'm doing right or wrong. I have a head strap for my motorcycle helmet which is cool. I like them.

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    got an HD one for christmas and im STILL waiting for a freakin swell to test it out

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    advice! need help

    i wanted to try one

    but im 6''0 and ride a 5''9

    to stick the gopro in front i feel would give a to close angle and will look dizzy

    would it look nice on the tail of a shortboard ?

    all footy ive seen was on longboards or savage tubes

    if anyone has footy of a gopro on a real shortboars please share


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    I had a go pro still camera when they first came out. They are cool. You just have to use the buddy system. I would drag a buddy out with me and we would take turns snapping shots. That way you dont mount the thing on your wrist or board... I would just give it to my buddy, he would swim out into the impact zone if it was big and just take a handfull of shots. And then he would sit over on the shoulder to get the perspective from above looking down at the bottom turns and stuff... That is a really cool angle. If you can get someone to float on their board sitting on their shoulder, you can set up really cool shots. You can do nice sprays and setup your turns right in front of the camera, but my personal favorite is the perspective from the shoulder down into the flats. If you dig your hand and do a deep bottom turn, the perspective makes the wave size look huge. I took shots of a friend on a 4 foot day and the perspective makes it look 10 feet.

    So, I would use the buddy system. It just sucks, cause sooner or later, you gotta switch and take some photos of them. Sitting in the impact zone is not always that fun.

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    I am 6'1" and ride 6' boards. I have mounts on both the tail and the nose. The mount on the tail has to be raised up or all the water flowing over it blocks the shot. You would be surprised at how much water washes over the tail of a board when you are just catching the wave or making a turn. Also some of the pictures and videos probably were taken on a short board, the camera really stretches them and makes it look far away. Here is a picture of me with the camera mounted on the front of a 6'2" board 6 inches from the nose.