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    Quote Originally Posted by StuckinVA View Post
    You might be better off with a squash tail. A pintail might run a little loose when you're trying to learn.
    Thats interesting...ive found squash tails to be generally loose boards and pintails to be the most stable and neutral (tendancy to go straight) of any tail shape.

    To the OP...the 8'3" for $150 is fine...Id go smaller, but for that price i would buy it, have fun next summer, and put the money you saved aside for board #2.

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    I got a 7'6 funboard for $150 off craigslist.

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    i liked starting on fish boards

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaniac07 View Post
    I think I might go with an 8' 3" Pintail mini-longboard board shaped for a guy on here. Its only $150 which is alot cheaper than anything that I've seen.

    So anyone have any major objections?
    excellent plan barring the board doesnt have major repairs(boards that were snapped in half NEVER ride the same again). dont worry about the details of this board like rocker, tail kick, nose flip and tail shape. this board is your ground zero. from here on you will be forever concerned with those details.
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    Get the 8'3". It's a good deal. Save the extra money for the next board in your quiver as you progress through the learning curve.
    I rode a 6'2" thruster as a grom for years, or at least tried to ride it. Thought I was ripping. haha. Then I got myself a 7'4" funshape. Yeah, more fun but it wasn't until I got a longboard (9'0" HP) that I was REALLY SURFING waves and progressing as a surfer.
    You need to catch waves to get good and that what a longboard does!
    When you learn to RIDE WAVES, not necessarily surfboards, you can hop on any size board and have fun.


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    Alright thanks guys
    I think I'm going with the 8' 3"

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    I would say just look around on craigslist. Find some cheaper longboard- those are the best to get good on, when you learn how to turn well with a longboard, then move down to a shorter board. Make sure you learn all the basics on the longboard. and whoever said that you'll have to reteach yourself, thats incorrect. it just makes the short board super easy to turn and stuff. its awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitchell View Post
    Thats interesting...ive found squash tails to be generally loose boards and pintails to be the most stable and neutral

    I could be wrong