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    wetsuit- i know its been done

    so i searched but i cant get a solid answer so i signed up for this forum to ask this question.
    I got a suit for xmas, xcel xzip 5/4/3 and some drylock booties. I know the 5/4 drylock is fine for 30 degree water and 20 degree air, but is there anyone Rhode Island or north using this suit for full winter use? I'm comin from a 6/5/4 quikie thats like 6 years old. Sorry i know wetsuits have a lot of questions but any info on this paricular one? Thanks

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    5/4 is NOT fine for 30 degree water. I didn't even know it got that cold anywhere in america. I surf long island, where the water temp usually bottoms out at 37. with that water temp and air temps below 20, a 5/4 is just barely enough. so for 30 degree water i would say definitely go for the 6/5. if anything atleast buy a thermal to wear under the 5/4.

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    You MIGHT be able to scratch by with a 5/4/3 up there for shorter sessions....but if you are going for the extendo session I recommend goin' thicker.

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    just looked at the chart again 37 is also the lowest for rhode island.. sorry i just kind of estimated. I want to be out for 3+ hours when its good not be fighting the shivers after an hour

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    Typically, it's your extremities that get hit the hardest (almost with your head). Make sure you are packin' 7mm gloves and 7mm booties, and a thermo rashguard underneath and you should be good.

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    damn i got 5mil boots n im upgrading gloves soooon.. ive been wearin a 6 yr old suit that leaks with ripped (constantly leaking) gloves and boots and gettin 2+ hr sessions. hopefully upgradin everything will work they dont make 7 mil drylock boots or id have em. i just dont c how the 'drylock' suit can be that much different than the xzip u no? i could b wrong though

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    i stand corrected there is a 7mil drylock (damn) oh well.. also, how are people puttin gloves and boots insides suits? i always rolled up the sleeves/ legs on my old suit but im afraid of rippin a fresh suit. What do you guys do?

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    5mm is fine for the winter on li... 7mm mittens and boo ts.. I get cold easily and I'm good for 3 hours.. Your feet will get cold before the rest of body...

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    i went yesterday in rhode island and the water was 41 degrees and the air temp was 25 with a windcill of 0 or below. i have 5 mm gloves and 7 mm booties, i was in for two hours and didnt get cold.

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    awesome thanks everyone.. the dude a my shop just told me id be crazy to go out in a 5 mil in winter.. i think he has a ripcurl though and in my experience ripcurl runs a little thin.. thanks guys