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Thread: cold water dogs

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    I have 2 Lads a charcoal and a silver. I hunt them every weekend for ducks and geese. most of our hunting is on the water. best thing this time of year is to get them some neopreme and dry there butts and heads off when they get out of the water. i use vests with floatation just in case its ruff out and the currents are bad. here are some links.



    heres my silver
    that's a beautiful dog. never seen one that color. and it looks like we have the answer to zach's question about why the birds died. speedfreak shot em all.

  2. THANK U! Yea we killed all the birds BUt we eat them all to!
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    great topic - I have a Chocolate Lab, when we walk to the beach she starts panting and whining when we get close; if we get stopped by a red light on Ocean she gets hysterical having to wait 1-3 minutes in sight of the water. What happens is is they get an extra layer of fat right under their fur during the winter and combined with the thick coat which gets denser & more waterproof in the winter so its like us swimming in a dry suit, basically. I get yelled at by the cops in my town at least once a month during the spring and summer for having my dog illegally being at the beach but I don't really give a ****.It would even be worth it I got a ticket but that won't happen - being local has its priviliges