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Thread: Here is a ?

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    Here is a ?

    With all the recent posts about where and what type of board to buy; has anyone ever picked up a board that just sucked?

    I have my favorites just like everyone else but I can't ever remember just totaly thinking "I wish I would have never bought this pos"

    Cars? I can think of a few there.

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    yea i havent but my friend bought a js flyboy i think like 5'11 or 6'1 something like tht is completely sucked the deck like fell apart and the board ding so easly the board was a piece of crap he rode it for a month then gave up and rode his londboard

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    Oct 2009
    North Wildwood ,Nj
    I had a Cannible longboard 9'4 . It would ding easy and the tail rocker was uneven and it rode horrible. 500 dollars waisted away

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    Sep 2009
    Norfolk, VA
    Rusty Desert Island. It caught waves, but after the pop-up, it was a miserable ride. Way too tight for being the "One board quiver" it was advertised to be. A horrible concept.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    mine had to have been a 6'1" al merrick flyer tuflite. i bought it used as my first shortboard from a friends older brother and man that thing sucked i was so glad some kid hit his fin on my rail and i was able to buy a new and local shape. and after i got the local shaped shortboard i never touched the merrick and sold it to a friend who supposedly loves it.

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    when i was 14 years old some jackass sold me a 6'1 eric arikawa / Andy Irons pro model board to "learn on". I never, ever, ever, got waves on it. I HATED it. so I sold it, got some ****ty funboard, and it was all gravy. 10 years later, id kill for an A.I. pro model

    thats the cycle of life I guess...

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    I picked one up, it wasnt too bad. But the guy advertised a high performance board, 6'5, easy turning and ****. The thing was a tank, I mean its a nice board, but i never got my high performance board. But i ride this thing in chop, really good at catching chop. it was 200 though, i kinda wish i bought like a 6'1 or something

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    Dec 2009
    garbage state
    i found a 6'8 T.Patterson board in the trash with plenty of dings and holes and missing fins. Fixed it all up and spray painted it, but havent surfed it yet.

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    I bought some 6-1 Lost Mayhem board a few years back that I absolutely hate. I force myself to use it at low tide or on ****ty days just hoping I will like it someday. But sadly I dont like how it feels when it paddles, it rides well but that doesn't help when I feel bad paddling it. It's not like it is even to big/small for me since I have other boards similar to it.

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    Nov 2007
    I had a Natural Art Thruster, a Zodiac Twin and an Island Style Quad back in the mid eighties. I hated all of them. Anyone remember Zodiac surfboards in Belmar?

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