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I dont know if anybody wants an update, but here it goes.
I've been out here for exactly 1 month. Blew through a good chunk of money already just getting set up (apartment/furnishings/surfboards/wetsuits/skateboard/car insurance). the smog test in california is such bull****, my car wont pass so i have until 7-31 to get it fixed or i cant drive it... Just got hired at the place i really wanted a job today - more money than my job in ac which is dope.

I was getting ready to walk down the sketchy trail to blacks and i got a phone call from the ad agency i dropped a resume off at last week. I start Monday 8am, stoked!

The girls out here are *****es, but when you look like a homeless guy and drive a ****ty car i guess its inevitable.

Hell yeah dude, you're livin the dream!