[QUOTE=Scarecrow;4994]I went out today and caught a few waves by '4-limb' paddling (no fins). Which works as well for me as paddling with fins and no arms...but I might be interested in these Viper fins. I looked at them at ebodyboarding.com and they come in two 5" styles, V-5 and V-5 flex. I wonder if it's the flex style that you saw people walking out in?

The surf shops around here only sell Churchill fins, so I'd have to order the Vipers online and hope they fit me...does anyone know how their sizes compare to Churchills?
This past week we had 4-8 foot surf, and a long paddle to the break. I had been using the Churchills for months before I decided to try the vipers. BOY did it make a difference for me. I was able to get over the sets much quicker and my paddle out was not nearly as tiring. The only thing I will say about the Vipers (5") fins are that you have to get used to catching the waves slightly differently because they are narrower than the Churches at the bottom.
The sizes are 5/6 and up, at least that is what they had at the surf shop. I was also able to walk forward with them too, and stand easier in low tide. I am a light weight so, I need the extra leg power, the Vipers seem to the best bet for me.
I would recommend going to a surf shop to try them on before purchasing them, its a different feel on your foot.

Good luck