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    what a setup south to south central NC. the OBX is another ball game altogether, but Ocean Isle and Holden and Oak island or Kure CB. Wrightsville is always so fun and over there is the icing on the cake. waves in Topsail and up to the Emerald Isles. in there lots of good hollow wave potential. wb is getting really packed though. there is more beach between ff and cb so the guys spread a good bit. makes for less packed waves. i really consider myself pretty blessed to live within an hour or so to great quality wave potential. Gotta love those Carolinas.

    I will assume your joking. Southern NC is the most frustrating place to be a surfer on the east coast (with the exception of SC & GA). Do you not realize that when we receive the same amount of swell as locations up north, we have far less size and power, which is directly caused by the fact the continental shelf is relatively farther offshore (ie it is way more shallow offshore causing the waves to disamate their power/size). Furthermore, we don't have that many options, especially when the wind is onshore; up north has a lot more jetties, coves, and protected areas. Can WB & CB even get double overhead? Of course we have surf reports claiming overhead surf on good swells, but I haven't seen anything above 1'-2' overhead in the last 5 years. Yes, we have our days, but more likely than not, other places are a lot better, unless you longboard and like knee high mush.

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    yeah man you gotta be jokin

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    i thought the point was to praise one or both of the breaks in question. i do have quite a bit of fun around here. given it's super fickle and small in july, but if you hunt around there are some waves. no i'd never say WB to Follow gets double OH or rare OH at all. i'm still a realist.

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    I think WB is always better. If you want to be disapointed go to CB. I live in CB and have to drive to WB to get real waves.

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    yeah it must be all personal preference cause i live at wb and drive to cb for waves i enjoy them all no matter what size they r

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    oh yeah, well I have to drive all the way to costa rica to get real waves, it sucks

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    crusty old dude's observations

    Many good points in the above conversations. Would agree wholeheartedly, the east coast generally lacks what we have all enjoyed on the coastline boardering the pacific. However, for those of us with deep roots here, the east coast, if watched closely, and prioritized appropriately, can yield fun rewards. I have now lived at WB for five years, and donw at CB five years prior to moving here (WB), and see it as others have: swell direction, intensity, wind intensity/direction, tides and so on all factor in. One main reason for my move to WB was the dramatic difference in the bathymetry of floor changes so much from one end of the beach to the other. Mason inlet is shallow for quite a distance, where C-street is relatively deep. Seems to contribute to the chances of finding something...
    Just another view point.

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    No question about it, the jetties around the Myrtle Beach area (ie: bird island, hog island, cherry grove) are the best waves in the N/S Carolinas area. Never been there? Then you don't know squat! When a swell is on its way, check these places and not only will you be alone, you will score ton's of clean peeling waves.

    North of WB are empty line-ups with only a very few people in the water. Then the OBX, enough said.

    Best waves on the EC are in NJ & NY, which holds the biggest, cleanest Nor-easter & Cain swells. This is, of course, if you can get past the whole Jersey/NYC "yo, yo, MTV vanilla ice acting, gangsta wanna be, OG side hat, droopy pant wearin soprano clone".


    Florida, which is just like NJ & NY except its warm.
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    WB vs CB

    I live smack dab in the middle btw WB and CB so I have been trying to figure this out myself. However, it is totally swell dependent. I think WB seems to catch swells with some north component better but still I get surprised with a friend's call sometimes telling me CB was going off after I had a sub par session at WB. I like the clear water at WB compared to the murky water at CB. And for the people that say WB is too crowded, that because they go to the piers or south side. There are plenty of bars in btw that are not crowded. However, I have to say CB is still my favorite b/c of a punchier wave, cheaper parking and its fun to see all the people with mullets (the hair style not the fish).

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    Vanilla Ice

    By the way, I surfed Long Beach in New York plenty times and never saw anyone that looks like Vanilla Ice. Isn't he from Iowa or something? New York waves are way better than SNC but I don't want to freeze my ass off in summer. Overhead surf is what surf trips are for.