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    saw it this morning. SO STOKED. 1 MILLION $$$$ PURSE PRIZE. im going. its going to be awesome. hope they get a banger of a swell. im excited if you can't tell

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    Cool... that should be fun

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    Should be pretty cool. They seem pretty confident that they get a decent swell event to run the contest.
    Seriously considering trying to be there for at least some of it...

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    Sooo stoked! Never saw pro surfers surf .. I was tripping in Pr when I saw a guy do a air reverse ..... Sooo this should be real exciting

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    "Surfline.com, the world’s leading forecaster of wave and surf conditions, conducted an independent long term 15-year wave study for western Long Island, New York, summarizing that September 4-15 is one of the most consistent time periods for sizable surf in the region. In addition, independent local feedback supports these findings, with September typically averaging 3+ hurricane swells, typically with at least one 3-4 day swell. Surfline.com is the official forecaster for The Quiksilver Pro New York."

    bold forecasting.

    I think swellinfo should be the official forecaster.

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    there wont even be a ripple

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    there wont even be a ripple
    that'd be hilarious.

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    I thought the same thing itll prob be great the week bfore and then week after.....works for me

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    i hope there's a swell, too. the line-ups will be empty b/c everyone will be up in ny trying to suckle on the pro surfing nipple.