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    There is an eleven day window. That is almost half of September which is very consistent. They will have waves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    Yeah, it has to be done though sooner or later. The US is the largest surf market on the planet, and the east coast owns a lot of that market share, so you gotta throw a bone every now and again. It will be good for everyone. I mean, if it stays dead flat, then what a waste, but even if its waist to chest high, thats life and those pro surfers can deal with it...
    Zach, your not old enough to remember this but the pro tour came through the east coast for just about every year in the 1980s..sometimes more than one east coast event per year. I can remember events in New Smyrna, Buxton, The Tropix Pro came to Ocean City Maryland a couple of summers when i worked there, Ocean City New Jersey, AC New Jersey and Seaside Heights New Jersey.

    Running a pro event in a 10 day window on the east coast is nothing new, and they really did stop doing it because it resulted in some silly contests...guys breaking fins off trying to milk a two foot wave in one foot of water...watching guys like Shaun Tomson, Mark Richards, and Kong trying to surf waist high slop wasnt much for either the east coast or the pro tour. Still with that said, i think its cool they are going to try, and New York is as good a place to roll the dice as any.
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