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Thread: Sick of Pipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtythirty34 View Post
    keel fins set as outside fins on a quad to stop it from sliding? come on.
    Again, why are you hating on me. If you have read any of my posts, you would know I have been asking the shapers on here for OVER A YEAR about quad fishes and the fins. I have been surfing my ENTIRE life on only thrusters. Every other kind of board I have ever tried in 15 years sucks as far as performance. After using a buddies quad for a week on here and speaking with a lot of fish and quad guys, I was convinced to go out and get one. So, testing old style boards and stuff life that is new to me. It is only fun now. 5 years ago, I would never buy anything but a 5'11 potato chip. So what...

    And I was just saying that I am not pleased with the over-all performance of the current fins setups in day to day surfing, so what better place to ask for advice. I have NEVER owned a board with a Keel. Never owned a Fish. Never surfed ANYTHING but shortboards and thursters... So me talking fin design and theory with guys on here somehow is a give away that I cant surf... I mean, I just dont get your logic.

    From the sounds of your way of thinking, you should be stoked someone like me is actually exploring other boards nowdays after being completely apposed to them. Its like anti-progression. I am now riding boards that lack performance and are more laid back to ride....

    This entire conversation reminds my why I used to never do sh** like this. Cause you start riding a quad fish all the sudden and people like you start judging. You would not judge me if these conversations were about things I know about. And that is surfing and doing tricks on tiny little thurster shortboards....

    So whatever dude, you decided to start sh** with me, who you dont know.

    But like I say to anyone, lets surf together, then talk. No one on this forum would not get along with me in the water. And if you and I paddled out, i bet we would be friends immediately. I just dont understand at what point in this thread, you felt personally attacked. I simple prefer to watch guys doing airs and new things than watching oldschool stuff. You can disagree with me, but you dont know me at all enough to be making judgements. I mean, at this point you are making me thinking some negative things about you, but I dont know you, maybe you really are some master waterman that I could learn a thing or two from. Who knows. I have no idea who you are or what you really do.
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