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    Thumbs up got a white board? WANT COLOR??

    Hey everyone,

    I grew up here painting surfboards then moved to San Diego to expand my business and paint for surf companies and industry pros before going to Europe to continue my study in fine art. Well I'm back in New Jersey for a time before I head back to Europe and looking to paint more boards while home. SO! If you've got a board you'd like to spice up with some color, I'm here to help. I can do everything from abstract design to portraits. Hit me up if youre interested at surfcrashrepeat@gmail.com, Thanks!

    below are just some examples of my work


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    i like the big L spray. did you put a clear coat over that?

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    i used a protective finish yeap, gotta make sure that artwork stays on there permanently

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    how much for just the bottum of my board?

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    really depends on the design, really simple stuff ill do for around 40 but most of my boards go for around 60-100, i try never to charge more than 100, and most end up being 60/80 bucks. lemme know what you were thinking of getting on the bottom and i can give you an accurate quote

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    that Rusty board with all the hands is so sick! im sure youll have no problem finding some work while youre around

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    thanks man, that board is def one of my all time favs ive ever done for pro surfer eli mirandon, he told me he wanted a tree....but not a tree and we hiked torrey pines in la jolla to gather ideas, that board was one hell of a good time

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    she did a skimboard for me a while back. suicide king... sickest art i've ever seen.. wish i kept it for the wall

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    so how much would something like the 2nd board (w/ all the hands) run? i've got a board coming soon & would like something along those lines on the bottom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exilenj View Post
    she did a skimboard for me a while back. suicide king... sickest art i've ever seen.. wish i kept it for the wall
    oh **** whats up! that board was fun too!! i got to hand draw the whole thing. i ended up doing a skate deck of every suit of kings card after your board cause it was so tight

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