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Thread: wetsuit.

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    Question wetsuit.

    well, mother natures throwing out some weird weather patterns, 45 degree water with 70 degree air temps! I havent been out in about 2 weeks, (when the air was around 55, and i froze my cojones off after about an hour.)
    My question is, what should i wear, now with the great disparity in between water and air temp.
    could i go with a 4/3 and booties?
    Im just so tired of my dang hood.

    Aloha from lake south cackalacky.

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    bethany & wrightsville
    if you SUP you'll only feel the air temp

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    4/3, gloves, and boots. You could probably get away with no hood, but it will depend on how many duckdives you need to make. If you get trapped on the inside for a 5 wave set, your head is gonna ache!

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    definitley boardies you'll be good

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    yea i was thinking boardies too.

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    yeah, water's in the 50's here and air is like 70. It's great to have a 3/2, boots, and you can rotate between gloves or neck beard. If you can't grow a neck beard... then maybe a nice scarf, they're big in LA. 99%
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    don't forget

    don't forget your
    take off late,

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    Don't forget to bring a towel.


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