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    Two Wetsuits For Sale. Size (M)

    I'm Trying to get rid of more suits in my closet. Some Spring Time cleaning. This is an older Oneill Psycho 2, It was pretty used and has a hole in the knee and in the chest panel. There is also little holes i think but the suit is still real warm Easy fixes really I am just to lazy to do it. So if anyone wants it they can have it for $40 or best offer at it.

    I also have a West Lotus 543 back zip if anyone is interested in. It was worn less than 6 times. For $150 or take an offer at it. If you wanna see more pics of the suits heres a link to the page http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n529/JGray10/

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    Dang no takers.

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    where are you located? And how big are the holes on the o'neills?

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    $40 to break into winter surfing sounds like a bargain! Suprised no one has jumped on this.

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    Im located in OC NJ but i can ship them out easily. On the oneill the holes are on the knee and on the chest panel. I tried just glueing it ( you can see that in the photos) and it worked for a short while. Their is pictures of it. All you do is get an old wetsuit cut a patch out and glue it on. maybe put a few stitches with a needle and thread. If you want i can give you half of an old 3/2 that you can cut and patch up the suit. Heres a like to it again for the photos. http://s1138.photobucket.com/albums/n529/JGray10/

    Last time i wore this suit i was still warm out there you could feel the water coming in a tiny bit but it you fix the holes your bueno.

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    No takers?

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    $115 for the west?

  8. what size is the psycho freak?

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    Its not a psycho freak. Its a Psycho 2. Its a Medium.

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    $100 for the West? Worn 7 times.