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Thread: baby wipes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoneybaloney View Post
    I know it's been flat for a long time, but has it really come to this? Man...
    Who cares what the topic being discussed is ... were all getting along having a nice discussion, and it is keeping us sane while waiting for swell ...

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    these types of threads are what forums thrive on, go look at every heavily trafficked forum on the web and you will find threads like these all over

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    To each their own. Have fun with your ass talk.

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    thank you i agree stoney baloney

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    figure id spice this thread up with more epic stuff

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    I feel right at home here. I can't even understand how someone can wipe their ass dry and go about their business like it's all good. No it's not all good. Dip some paper in sink water or use a wet wipe. I personally just roll a thick wad up and run it under the sink briefly, and then wrap a few more times around with some dry. Now you got a damp towelette.

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    I was just watching TLC and there was a lady who is addicted to eating toilet paper. I thought to myself how ingenious that was, like killing 2 birds with one stone .

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Hot Karl View Post
    Strange question ....

    So last night me and a few friends were hanging out and one went to the bathroom and found baby wipes( I do not have a kid). I said so I can get that "fresh outta the shower clean" feeling after droppin a deuce. Half agreed with me half thought we were bonkers and had an argument with me for 10 mins ... regular TP sometimes doesn't do the trick.

    So bottom line, what are your thought about anyone, not being a baby, using baby wipes/ moist toilet paper for their personal hygiene needs as opposed to using dry normal TP?
    as a plumber yes they do the trick nicely. BUT DO NOT FLUSH THEM they will clog up your **** pipes and clogging up your pipes =$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    just pinch and go. thats what showers are for