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    Shortboard size.(Noob Question...)

    I just started surfing last summer and I've been riding a 6'6 superfish. Im 5'10 about 140 lbs and I want to get a shortboard. My local shop has a 6'1, Im wondering if thats a little big or if anyone has any input on about what size shortboard i should start out with?

    Thanks, all input is appreciated.

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    so many different other factors then just length.. i'm 175 and ride a 6'2, 5'8, and a 5'4.. width, thickness, nose/tail rocker etc. etc. all are very important

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    Volume is key. Dont take a massive step down in volume, do it in steps. Otherwise you might spend forever just getting comfortable on your new board, and not actually surfing.

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    If you're starting out I would look into getting a longboard? if you already have a 6'6" it be nice to have something in the 9' range for when the surf is waist high? I guess this does not answer your question though.

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    I'm definitely looking into getting a longboard RID, for smaller days and just for fun. My local shop just happens to have a 6'1 for a good price so im thinking of hopping on that just to have a shorter board. I just wasn't sure if 6'1 is slightly too big for my size/weight. Thanks everyone for info

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    Hey, I am exactly your size.
    My regular shortboard is a 5'10"-18"-2 1/8" squash tail
    That works very well for me.
    I have an another 6'0 rounded pintail that i take out on really big days, but for me the 6'0 just doesnt feel loose enough on anything under head high.
    Depending on your skill level, you may want the 6'1 for balance, but if you want a high performance shortboard that is best for you, I would reccomend a 5'10

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    the wider you go the shorter you can go, if you're getting a 6'1 and you're semi new to surfing I'd say have the board at least 19 1/4 inches wide

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    Thanks guys