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    Board Bags for International Travel

    I need a new board bag for traveling around South America by bus. I have been using the Dakine World Traveler and its just a bit to big and bulky. I need to carry 1 or 2 shortboards and a speargun. Anyone had any good luck with any certain bags? Something durable and can take being tossed around without destroying the board. Any info would be great. Thanks.

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    check out the creatures multiboard 'slim' travel bag.. the padding is thinner but denser so its not bulky at all but still pretty protective.. i had no problem convincing the airline attendant that it was only one board (meanwhile i squeezed three shortboards in a 7ft bag)..

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    Check out the soma airbags.
    They make it so that simply nothing can hurt your board. To promote the bags they put boards inside them and ran them over with motorcycles, and then threw them off a cliff. Boards were untouched.
    A little bit pricy, but by far the best protection