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    LI Surf on the way???

    I think we'd all rather get surf for sunday but it looks like monday and tuesday, if you can play hookey, is going to be some good surf opportunity.

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    idk monday looks sketchy to me

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    I know its a changing chart, but looks like different spots on long island are getting green bars and others are getting blue and red bars.
    my spots are currently in the green...

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    I think will get some nice waves. tomorrow (monday) in the afternoon when the tide goes out.

    tuesday will be smaller but cleaner

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    looks like the spots with a more southerly swell window are working best, though jerz looked insanely good early this morning on the cams. winds still have a lot of west and haven't been turned long enough to really clean it up yet. later this afternoon should improve quite a bit but looking like a tough paddle out for all those noodle arms out there. water temps are no joke either so be ready winter warriors...

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    From the way it looks, Tuesday should be real sweet, my opinion.... unfortunately I have to work...

    (hmm maybe go in late to work if cam shows it early..........)

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    I don't know where you guys went or how it was, but I though this was a really fun swell, better then I though it was actually gunna be!

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    no car so stuck at rockaway which was taking the swell straight on and closing out a bit. monday was heavy all day and not worth the effort until late in the afternoon when the wind switched straight offshore. still a tough paddle out if you're trying to avoid brain freeze. sets stacked and dumping with stiff winds. early tues was about as fun as you could hope for on a cold winter morning. chest high, clean, peeling. dropped off pretty quickly and got deep with the high tide around 9 but still some very fun little waves coming through. good swell but shoulda taken a half day monday and full day tues instead of the other way around...