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    Roberts White Diamond Board

    I'm hoping to get this board shaped locally or buy it from the man himself. The reviews look great on this board. It's great in small - medium surf but can also produce in larger, heavier waves. Does anyone on here have this board and what do they think of it? Thanks

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    just an idea you can take your short-board to a local shaper and say:

    lop off the top 6".

    Adjust entry rocker to suit

    1" wider

    Same thickness

    Diamond Tail.

    Pull in the nose.

    Your $650 board just became $460 and you get to support a local shaper. Win-Win.

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    Have you ever heard of a Dumpster Diver? Same board....

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    bottom contours

    The biggest thing on the white diamonds isnt just the 6" off the nose or a wdier teail, the board carries a ton of volume (like a dumpster diver, in fact the reason the dumpster diver came out is becuase Dane rode a white diamond and loved it so much CI had to make something similar) ANyway the single concave and how it is placed thru the board is why those are so popular.
    I have a Tommy Moore Tweaker which is a dumpster diverish type board with a diamond tail and the single concave running thru the board doesnt fit my surfing as well as I thought it would. I like to drive and surf off my front foot (as far as working the face for speed) and this concave and rocker set up (a bit more rocker in the tail) doesnt fit my surfing really. The board is great I just have to surf more off my back foot on this board. I have found that single to double concave witha nice vee running off the tail works best for me to create a "drivey' and responsive board. I bought my Tweaker to try out the straight single concave all the way thru the board, i have found in punchier surf it works great, doesnt have to be any biggger than waist high as long as it has some ass to it the board works well I am just not use to it yet. It will take awhile to find the boards sweet spot.
    I highly recommend boards witha single to double concave and vee off the tail for flat faced surf. You can still have a short fat and thick board with that concave style on it.

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    The White Diamond is not like a Dumpster Diver. White Diamond has a pretty full nose (not pulled in). Dumpster Diver has pretty narrow nose. Both have pretty wide tails.

    I make White Diamondesque boards for myself and my 6'0 x 20 3/8" x 2 1/2" is my go-to board for NJ in the Waist-Head range (90% of the days I surf). I'm sure you can get a local guy to shape you one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shorepoints View Post
    The White Diamond is not like a Dumpster Diver. White Diamond has a pretty full nose (not pulled in)...
    Thats how roberts describes it. Check out the youtube video on them:


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    boards this style work well in certain conditions but are awkward on takeoffs in any kind of size or steep or in windy conditions they look like they're flapping around and not at all smooth they look all chopped up no style.maybe good for air,small or mush

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    nose is 13.5" sorry.

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    Thanks everyone. I'm just throwing around ideas for my next board which I would prefer to have shaped locally. I've only surfed thrusters and was throwing around the idea of a small-medium wave board like the white diamond. It appears to hold on heavier days too. I'm also thinking about a twin keel fish. I'm just not sure how a twin fin will feel especially backside after only surfing thrusters.

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    Get a White Diamond type shape with a Thruster/Quad option (5 fin boxes). Can't go wrong.