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    Cool Really? A short board?

    I see this all the time out and about...I feel bad at times but more waves for me... The guy will be sinking the thing, not getting anything but a headache! Just put some foam under ya...you don't have to log it but get real...What's everyone think???

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    who ****ing cares dog

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    seriously, you take what you can get on the kinda board you like to ride, who cares what the other guy is riding as long as hes not being a jerk about it

    Maybe the short-boarders are all laughing at you when its head high and pumping

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    I've had people say that to me, longboarders I know. I always say I would rather get 5 good rides on a short or shorter board than 20 rides on a longboard. When I moved back to the beach after 10 years away I bought a longboard and rode it religiously for 5 years. I mean I rode that thing in everything from ankle high to over head. I eventually got bored of it and went back to a shortboard. longboarding did improve my surfing by training me to slow down and look at the wave a bit more rather than just hacking away. The most I will ride now is a fish and don't understand what these guys are saying because 9 times out of 10 I am getting just as many waves and my rides are just about as long. I think when they see me pumping they interpret that as struggling since they can just lay back and let the board carry the momentum.

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    I really hate that most dudes on logs cut people off constantly just because they can sit farther outside and catch the wave sooner.

    That being said, I recently just expanded my quiver with a 9'6" walden magic that I found for super cheap. We'll see if I become "converted" into loggin it all the time.

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    I saw this as recently as last weekend. I mean I was pushing it with my 9'6" and two kids came out on traditional shortboards. They didn't catch anything and they didn't get in the way, so no problem for me. If they want to waste their time, it's their time to waste.

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    did you really start a thread hating on short boarders? Fat kids on pro model boards, yes, thats silly. I ride short boards because im all about the go, not the glide. If its worth riding out there, i have zero trouble catching waves, even if it does sink when I sit on it... If its small, id so much rather sit around and wait on sets on my retro than catch a bunch of crap on a log. my log is reserved for truely "Flat" days. I always say im going to log a good swell, but everytime it comes I look at my quiver and laugh that one off.

    Look at the bright side, we dont hate you anymore thanks to the SUP's. Its almost like your cool again!

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    "Look at the bright side, we dont hate you anymore thanks to the SUP's. Its almost like your cool again!"


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    A good quiver pretty much solves the problem for me. Not a big quiver, but a good quiver. Three or four boards built for different conditions doesn't leave many gaps. A five wave session isn't enough for me. I need to get my fill or I'll leave the water unsatisfied. Generally, the smaller the surf, the the more foam I need (excluding the biggest days of the year). A log, a fish, a groveler, and a shortboard let me make the most of whatever the day's got to offer, and even give me some choices depending on what frame of mind I'm in.
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    Learn how to be a good swimmer and you can catch pretty much anything.