Hey everyone, just wondering if there might be any interest in my winter wetsuit. It's a Hotline CCU 5/4, bicep to bicep zip. Taped interior seams. It's still under warranty (and I should still have the receipt to prove it). I've worn it probably about 5 times. It's pretty warm, but way to long in the arms and legs for me (constantly having to fold them over) and slightly loose around the arms and legs. As a result I'm constantly getting water in. I've taken it out on 36 degree days with no problem though. Fair warning, this is a bigger guy suit. I'm 5'7ish and pushing 220. I suspect this suit will be good for someone 5'10+ range and weighing about the same to a little more. I paid 380 or so for the suit, and I'm looking to get 250 for it so I can put it towards a smaller sized suit of the same model.

Any takers? I can negotiate.