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I watched most of round 2 yesterday... You guys were saying that wasn't bells? I wasn't listening to the comentary, just watching heats. It was like 3ft overhead and perfect peeling rights? Bells wasn't working? I was under the impression I was watching pretty nice waves at bells. Those rights were fu*((ing money. The goofies were having a tough time though for sure. It looked like they were lacking speed and relying on huge gouges off the top... I didnt see any good backside barrels or really any goofy foot standouts. The wave looked just a tad too fast for the size... I wish Occy were in the event, he would have lined that sh** up right!!!

I thought bobby surfed well taking Taj out, but other than that, the goofies were making us all (goofies) look bad out there.
Round 2 was held just down the road from Bells at a spot called winkipop. Bells really isn't a high performance wave, especially at high tide (which was the case during R2). Winkipop has been the backup venue for Bells for several years running now, and its really the better wave on most days.

Often times they have ended up running more than half the event at winkipop, it adds a bit of a roll of the dice when picking out fantasy surf team members too, cause you don't know which wave your dudes will be riding or in what heats.

Winkipop looks similar to bells and is a really similar set-up, its just that when bells is fat and mushy, winkipop is usually barelling like a mad-man. Also the name is fun to say.