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Thread: Surf Resorts

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    Surf Resorts

    Has anyone ever been to any of the "surf resorts" or surfing packages that are advertised on the banners on this site? They seem intriguing but seems to eliminate some of the fun of going out and finding waves by yourself.

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    I saw the witches rock surf camp place when staying in tamarindo. Its not even close to witches rock.... but the place has a sick bar. Pretty sure one of the surf guides there tried to mug me the night before in front of a rasta bar but... who knows, could have been his twin

    I would much rather rent a car and print out surfline's travel guide, but thats just me

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    o the good ole babylon bar haha

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    damn right, that reggae bar was cool as hell, my friends and I went there after surfing Witches and the power went out while we we're there...next thing I know I hear this crazy sound, I didn't know what the hell was going on, then I realized there was a half pipe in the bar and somebody was riding it in the dark...scared the **** outta me! lol