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    Claude Codgen

    A buddy of mine's sister had a longboard on the side of his house and she moved to hawaii so its now mine. I've been rididng and finally ironing out my adjustments from the retro fish I usually ride. I was just wondering if anyone had any info or thoughts on Sunshine surfboards or the shaper Claude Codgen. Its his model the "CC Rider". Hope everyone got theres yesterday!!!

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    CC Rider

    The "CC Rider" you speak of was a "Con" surfboard. "Sunshine House" was a surfshop located in Ocean City, MD who popularized long-sleeve T-shirts with an interpretation of a Frederick Remington Indian. While Finnegan and Roberts originated the design with "Sunshine House" written on the length of the sleeves, touristas went mad for them and they sold a ton of the design.

    FYI- on a DC blog site, Finnegan's daughter posted her e-mail address and said she still had some of the merchandise. This is what she posted:

    "hi my name is jessica finigan i am the daughter of jim finigan who was the owner and my dad closed sunshine house when I was 7 but if you are interested in some stuff email me and I can get you some peacoej@yaoo.com THANKS JESSICA F"

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    I still have my 6'7 'Sunshine House' board shaped by CC. From back in late 1970's-early 1980's. Hand-shaped by Claude Codgen. Peeling wave art design on the front. Arrowhead logo on the back.

    That one summer long ago, we were a surfin' crew living in a shack of a house at 60th Street, bayside, right near the highway in/out of OC. We did the beach lifeguard thing, worked at places like the Embers restaurant, hotels, whatever, just to be near the beach. That old shack house is probably a stack of over-priced condos by now...

    Will post pics of the CC stick at some point.

    Bit of a story: one day a couple summers ago I took the board out at Sandbridge. These 3 dudes, late teens, with boards under their arms were walking by on the sand & did the classic triple take, as in WTF is that weird-shaped board you got there, mister. They wanted to know about CC & why he shaped it like he did & the board's history, et. al. Pretty fun moment in time.

    Last I heard, CC still shapes a few sticks in Florida. I googled & found his website.

    Board still rides great. I'll def use it this summer in VB & OBX. Won't travel with it, though, 'cause the airline baggage monkeys strike fear in my board-lovin' heart.